Dr. Bill Souza

I am a distinguished expert in cybersecurity, holding a Doctor of Science degree and boasting over 25 years of experience. I am dedicated to offering mentorship and guidance to aspiring Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). Serving as both a mentor and Governing Board Member for GCISO Certification at the GlobalCISO Leadership Foundation (GCLF), I draw upon my extensive background in energy-critical infrastructure cybersecurity to provide invaluable insights and strategic counsel. My expertise spans crucial areas such as cyber risk management, vulnerability management, cybersecurity frameworks, and policy formulation. I am deeply committed to nurturing talent and bolstering cybersecurity resilience in today’s evolving threat landscape. My contributions to esteemed organizations like NCICU and C2SR further demonstrate my dedication to advancing cybersecurity excellence.

For aspiring CISOs, I am pleased to offer two vouchers to deserving mentees. Through mentorship and guidance, I will support them in completing the GCISO certification program and ultimately achieving success as CISOs.