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In a recent analysis, Statista uncovered around 1.35 million distinct fraudulent websites in the fourth quarter of 2022. These sites didn’t limit themselves to copyright and trademark infringements; rather, they actively perpetrated scams, duping customers and extracting data by mimicking established brands. The consequences of these deceitful websites are severe, resulting in substantial financial losses for brands and irreparable harm to their reputations.

The longer these sites persist online or remain hidden, the more severe the harm they cause. Conventional domain takedown services, reliant on labor-intensive investigation and analysis, struggle to keep pace with the necessary scale, speed, and precision required to proactively shield brands by dismantling such deceptive websites. This underscores the invaluable role of a domain takedown service in mitigating these threats effectively.

What is a Domain Takedown Service?

A Domain Takedown Service is a specialized cybersecurity tool designed to protect brands and individuals from fraudulent websites, particularly those involved in phishing and scams. The primary purpose of this service is to identify and swiftly take down websites that impersonate legitimate brands, infringe on copyrights, and engage in malicious activities. Here, we’ve listed the top three domain takedown services to shield your brand and customers from cybercriminals.

What are the top three takedown service providers on the market?


RiskProfiler offers an industry-leading comprehensive brand monitoring and protection solution with fully-automated domain takedown capabilities. RiskProfiler uses NLP and Deep Vision technology to find out if your brand is being abused anywhere on the internet and helps you take down malicious domains and copyright infringements. The Platform utilizes AI capabilities to scan the internet, social media, forums, and the dark web for phishing and scam sites. The company maintains a 99.99% SLA and has established relationships with global registries and hosting providers for seamless takedown requests through API integrations. The key differentiator in the platform is their logo abuse, fake application detection capabilities, and integration with open-source phishing forums. The platform is designed to eliminate false positives to enrich customer experience.


Bolster provides an entirely automated domain takedown solution characterized by speed, agility, and precision, boasting a false positive rate of less than 1/100,000.

Using its AI-driven engine, Bolster conducts continuous scans across the internet, social media, forums, and the dark web, enabling real-time detection of over 14 types of phishing and scam sites. The platform not only delivers a fraud verdict within a swift 100 milliseconds but also initiates takedowns in under two minutes, all without requiring manual intervention; a remarkable 95% of takedowns are automated.

Having established collaborative partnerships with over 1,500 registries and hosting providers, Bolster seamlessly integrates its automatic takedown requests through API connections. This operational efficiency ensures the removal of potential phishing sites before they even become active. Bolster’s platform also prevents previously taken down sites from resurfacing, maintaining a vigilant stance.

Moreover, Bolster offers a visually-rich dashboard that consolidates all relevant data, providing security teams with detailed insights into key metrics. Introducing a dedicated reporting and analytics feature named Bolster Insights, the platform goes a step further to furnish customers with actionable reports.


ZeroFox safeguards against adversaries employing sophisticated techniques across diverse channels to launch attacks and impersonate brands. Renowned for its threat analysis, intelligence capabilities, and user-friendly operation, ZeroFox combats attackers by leveraging a global threat intelligence network. This network ensures continuous updates on adversaries, tactics, techniques, and indicators.

ZeroFox is dedicated to swiftly blocking malicious URLs, accomplishing this task in less than 15 minutes. The platform guarantees a return on investment for impersonation takedowns. Its takedown service optimizes workflows through in-platform request automation and is reinforced by a team of skilled analysts.

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