Center of Excellence on Cyber, Privacy, and AI Risk Insurance (CEPARI) by GlobalCISO Leadership Foundation™ Executive Board

CEPARI Executive Board comprises esteemed leaders in the cybersecurity industry. Membership in this distinguished group requires outstanding credentials and recognition as a leader in the fields of cybersecurity, data privacy, and artificial intelligence.

Antony Haynes

Executive Board Co-Chair

Partner, Dorf, Nelson & Zauderer | Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Associate Professor, Albany Law School

Kelly Castriotta

Executive Board Co-Chair

Global Head of Underwriting, Markel

Violet Sullivan

Executive Board Co-Chair

AVP, Cyber Solutions Team Leader

Sadia Mirza

Executive Board Member

Partner, Troutman Pepper

Svetlana Evgenevna Braunscheidel

Executive Board Member

General Counsel & VP of Operations at PNG Cyber, LLC

Anthony Hess

Executive Board Member

CEO Asceris | Rapid Cyber Response | Host CYBER INSURANCE LEADERS Show

Chirag Arora

Executive Board Member

Cybersecurity Executive Advisor, Dorf, Nelson & Zauderer LLP

Kamran Salour

Executive Board Member

Cybersecurity and Privacy Attorney, Lewis Brisbois

Alexandra Bretschneider

Executive Board Member

Vice President & Cyber Practice Leader at Johnson, Kendall & Johnson

Center of Excellence on Cyber, Privacy, and AI Risk Insurance (CEPARI) by GlobalCISO Leadership Foundation™ Executive Board Overview

This team will liaise with law firms, insurance carriers, brokers, and regulatory bodies to conduct proactive research on the evolving insurance landscape in response to AI risks. Their findings will be disseminated through published research to benefit the global community. The global recognition bestowed upon the team members underscores their exceptional contributions to the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This team is committed to identifying pivotal aspects of AI risks, aligning with the perspective of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), to be seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive Cyber Security Program. The objective is to establish robust AI Governance measures and mitigate risks stemming from the use of AI within an organization. Furthermore, the team is actively engaged in formulating a certification for the Data Security & Privacy Attorneys as well as developing the content for the AI Governance module within the flagship GCISO Certification Program.

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