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Established CISOs can join the mentorship program and provide help and guidance to students and early career professionals

Who is Eligible to be a Mentor?

To become a mentor, a candidate needs to have scored at least 85% on the certification exam first. Governing Body members, Module and Lesson Contributors can also choose to become mentors. Mentors provide post-certification support to 3 other CISOs who have completed the program.
Provide Support

GCISO Mentors support students by providing thorough, personal & timely support with feedback.

Mentor Network

Our Vast Mentor Network includes CISOs from Leading companies.

Global Reach

Our Mentors come from across the world.

Can I Be a Mentor?

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    Devote Time to your Mentee

    Ensure you can do justice & share your time. Mentees expect a personal touch when they select a Mentor. Mentors are their window into the world out there & so spending time is of utmost importance.

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    Your Experience Matters

    Help your Mentee set realistic expectations, share your good & bad experiences so that your Mentee can learn & reach the newer heights in their career.

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    A Desire to Inspire

    It is that desire to give back that is necessary to be a Mentor. You will be required to conduct 1:1 mentorship sessions to inspire & guide them.

Benefits of Joining as a Mentor

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal.

A Matter of Pride

Its always a matter of pride when you get a chance to showcase your ability to help your mentee grow in their career.


Mentors can either volunteer to provide guidance to new CISOs pro bono or choose to receive payment for their time and support. Compensation will be based on mentors’ industry experience.


Learning For You Too

Learning with your mentees will be a two way process. You help them learn and with their feedback, you learn and grow.

Join our ever-growing Community

Our Vast Mentor Network includes CISOs from Leading companies. Build a long lasting network.

Badge of Honor - GCISO Mentor

Get recognized! It’s a matter of pride. Being a Mentor in the GCISO Certification Program, you will receive an honorary badge from the GlobalCISO Leadership Foundation.

Note: Your verified digital badge will be emailed to you in the name you used when registering on our website based on the approval from our committee. All badge images are for illustrative purposes only and may be subject to change at the discretion of the GlobalCISO Leadership Foundation. 

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