GlobalCISO Leadership Foundation Advisory Board

Our advisory board includes leaders from top global companies, who have come together to provide questions for the exam, along with the exam structure, layout and length.

Chirag Arora

Chair, GCLF Advisory Board

Former CISO, Crum & Forster

Gary Merry

Co-Chair, GCLF Advisory Board


Casey Corcoran

Co-Chair, GCLF Advisory Board

Cyber Security Advisor at Stratascale

Linda Angles

Advisor, GCLF Advisory Board

Technology Risk Management Leader at Creative Artists Agency

Shantanoo Govilkar

Advisor, GCLF Advisory Board

Vice President at DivHN

David Raviv

Advisor, GCLF Advisory Board

General Manager Americas for

Amit Thakral

Advisor, GCLF Advisory Board

VP, EthicalHat

Deborah Snyder

Advisor, GCLF Advisory Board

Senior Fellow at Center for Digital Government

Shobhit Verma

Advisor, GCLF Advisory Board

AI/ML Researcher at Harness

Praveen Singh

Advisor, GCLF Advisory Board

Co-Founder at CyberPWN Technologies

Dan Lohrmann

Advisor, GCLF Advisory Board

Field CISO at Presidio


Advisor, GCLF Advisory Board


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