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Preparing the Next-Gen CISOs
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Choose one out of the three most-used cybersecurity frameworks – CIS Critical Controls, NIST 800-53, and ISO/IEC 27001. Become an expert in your chosen set of controls.

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Receive targeted insights on managing a cybersecurity program specific to the industry you work in or are interested in entering. Learn from established CISOs in the same industry.

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Interact with other CISOs and security practitioners in the course discussion forums to grow your professional network. Mentor incoming students after you receive your certification.

About GCLF

The GlobalCISO Leadership Foundation (GCLF) is an independent, CISO-led foundation that aims to advance mentor-driven, quality education for cybersecurity professionals. CISOs from across the world work together to create new learning models for emerging security leaders and help them run effective security programs across industry verticals.

The Foundation’s flagship initiative, the GCISO Certification by GlobalCISO Leadership Foundation™, has been developed to equip senior security professionals with the knowledge, tools, and strategic thinking necessary to solve complex, real-world problems, and succeed in the CISO role. The Certification’s goal is to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity leaders for the challenges associated with a rapidly changing cyber-threat landscape.

Other initiatives include an introductory course in cybersecurity for gifted students and scholarship programs for out-of-work cybersecurity executives looking to enhance their educational qualifications.

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Global CISO Leadership Foundation Advisory Board

Our advisory board includes leaders from top global companies, who have come together to provide questions for the exam, along with the exam structure, layout and length.

Chirag Arora

Chair, GCLF Advisory Board

Former CISO, Crum & Forster

Gary Merry

Co-Chair, GCLF Advisory Board

CEO, Carson & Saint

Casey Corcoran

Co-Chair, GCLF Advisory Board

CISO, SASE at Fortinet

Linda Angles

Advisor, GCLF Advisory Board

CISO, Conduent

Amit Thakral

Advisor, GCLF Advisory Board

VP, EthicalHat

David Raviv

Advisor, GCLF Advisory Board

General Manager Americas for Findings.co

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